A unique AI platform making the discovery and research process over the vast number of global startups a practical proposition for investment professionals

A deep data AI platform, DANNA empowers investment professionals discover and research the most promising global startups, and to support investment decisions, deal sourcing, due diligence, IC memo drafting and portfolio and risk analytics.

Integrated predictive analytics and deep insight capabilities reduce psychological barriers and confirmation bias, allowing IC members to review more deals faster, leading to data-driven investment decisions.


We bring into our Data Plant over 4 Billion data points daily which form the basis of our data analytic pipelines

These pipelines aggregate and transform the data which is in turn ingested into our AI/ML models and, ultimately, inform our predictions and analytics for critical success factors characterizing startup companies.

With DANNA, investment professionals conduct deep discovery and DD on private market companies, and quantify probable outcomes such as probability of successful exit, probable exit multiple, and expected time to exit, among many other proprietary metrics to inform the overall assessment

Estimates the probability that a startup will exit successfully

Compares a company to its competitors by industry, stage, investors, and more

Enables convenient and intuitive deep research and due diligence on companies powering the investment process

Opens a window into the impact of real-time market conditions and news on any company

Provides Portfolio Risk Analytics on existing investments

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