Vantage Market

A differentiated and customizable platform powering access to the private market for venture and alternatives

Transforming private markets with this category-defining platform for investors and ecosystem participants.


Deep AI integration for informed Private Market investing, generating value throughout the investor journey

Experience the exceptional power of Vantage through its integrated capabilities. Widely used as the core investment platform by OurCrowd investors globally, Vantage Market is a powerful, end-to-end solution for private market investments. Embrace a user-friendly platform that combines actionable insights and informed decision-making with a frictionless user experience, incorporating comprehensive backoffice, performance, and reporting functions.

Highly Customizable Deal Room:

Deal room content is secured with sophisticated access controls, enabling sharing of sensitive information with confidence. Enable watermarking, NDA’s, distribution of research, and confidential company information securely with identity verification and digital signing.

Investor Onboarding Automation:

From uploading of documents, to validation of KYC and Accreditation, the platform enables seamless digital experience for investors and platform administrators.

Straight-through Digital Investment Experience:

Native digital experience from investor commitment through to funds transfer, the entire investment workflow is digital including customization of and signing of investor agreements.

Recommendation Engine:

Powered by cutting-edge AI, our recommendation engine suggests tailored investment options to investors.